The Courage Polar Bear Dip

By: Team Gonin

The Courage Polar Bear Dip

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The Courage Polar Bear Dip in Oakville, Ontario is the largest charitable polar bear dip in Canada.

The Courage Polar Bear Dip was listed 4th in the world, and only one in Canada, as the place to go for that New Year’s Day Dip.

The Dip goes back to 1985 when founders Trent and Todd Courage were playfully dared by their mother to  go jump in the cold waters of Lake Ontario in the winter time. The Courage Polar Bear Dip has not only grown to see thousands of dippers join in for the fun, but also to take up the charitable cause of funding World Vision clean water projects.  To date, the Courage Polar Bear Dip has raised more than $1.5 million  for water projects around the world.

The event has grown from Oakville and expanded as people from all over the world participate in the Courage Polar Bear Dip in Oakville, with more than 800 people braving the icy waters of Lake Ontario each year from not only Oakville and the Greater Toronto Area but every province in Canada, 15 US states, and as far away as South Africa , Australia  and Europe.  

Enjoy Live music, festival vibes with friends and family, take part in the dip or join the costume competition to win prizes, its all for a great cause.

Willing to participate in the plunge ? for more information regarding registration click here.

Drone Footage of wave 1/3 from 2016

For More Information about the event click here.

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The courage Polar Bear  Dip